Saturday, February 20, 2010

Its slushing in Maubeuge

This evening I went to see a musical based on the Blues Brothers movie. Before going I stopped by Brico Depot, the French version of Home Depot, to get a wrench to fix the toilet. Currently my toilet leaks. It's most likely because of a bad gasket but I cant get the lid off to see inside because there isn't a lever but a button on the top in order to flush. So ya I needed a wrench from the hardware store.

The theater where the musical was to be held was right next to the store so I just walked to the theater after getting what I needed and I left my car in the Brico Depot parking lot. At the intermission I found my car unacessable because the parking lot's gate closed at 7:30pm. I was able to get a ride home from a friend Marc who came to the show as well. The sign said that they close the gates at 7:30pm and reopen the next day at 6:30am 'the next day' but I don't think that applies for tomorrow because they aren't open at all on Sunday. My other friend Gaëtan who was at the show offered to take me to church tomorrow which is good.

There is a story for the day.

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