Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Being helped

The dark rainy view from my apartment in Maubeuge,(mow boojz) France.

As most anyone who knows me knows that I am someone who likes to help others. I often lend a hand of service to others and find it hard to say "no" (or "non" when I am in France). What you might not know is that I received a "Most Helpful" award in high school. At the print shop I get to help my coworkers often.

Something I've noticed that it is, for me anyway, harder when I need to be helped for two reasons. One needing to be helped means that I have a problem that needs fixing. Its easier to deal with something that you aren't in the middle of. The other reason is that it is humbling to ask for help. Oooo ouch.

I needed help and got it twice today. I have great friends. This is my first mac computer and its been going great until last evening when my lovely laptop didn't want to connect to the internet and wouldn't shut down right. Not knowing macs I called Daniel K. and this morning he helped me repair the problem with advice for the future. Thank you, Daniel!

Another first, my first car in France, and this evening I saw steam from the hood. It looks like the water hose has a hole. I am not the most gifted with cars so I called Roger S who came by to look at it, and make sure things were good until I get to work tomorrow. Thank you Roger!

And thank you everyone else who has helped me.

Anyone who needs a hand here is a photo of mine.