Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Yesterdays we finished a new book Je trouve la vie déjà bien difficile or literally in English 'I already find life really difficult'. It is written by a French woman to reach pre-teens with the Good News. This book was different for me because I was involved in the editing process as liaison between the editor and our illustrator.
The author wanted a cartoon raccoon to follow along the reader of the book. We found a friend of a summer intern who is an awesome artist. I gave him all the instructions and the list of drawings that we needed. This was fun because I translated everything from French to English.

I was invited over to a friends house for lunch yesterday. We had raw oysters, soup and mashed potatoes. Then I tried something new. I tried cow tongue for the first time. It was good. The idea is kind of funny. It tastes like beef (coincidence?) but the texture is a little smoother.

Today we worked a half day to finish a few things including getting a few orders of Je trouve la vie déjà bien difficile. It was finished before Christmas but it won't be delivered until just after.

Tonight I will be at my director's house for a Christmas Eve meal. Tomorrow I will go up to Brussels with friends for a Christmas get together.

I pray that God would bless you all where ever you are this Christmas. If you are troubled I pray God would grant you the peace that only comes from him. If things are great I pray you will know that the only real joy we can have is in God. If you are busy I pray you make time to slow down and remember our God that took time to set make himself like us to pay the price for us to be with him.

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