Sunday, June 29, 2008


Saturday after jogging Nicolas and I started some work in the yard. He wants to put in a fence in the backyard on the side facing a path. To do this we needed to move a stump that was in the way.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dieu est fidèle

I want to say greetings from France and thank you for your prayers and financial support. I have been back in France for two weeks now, and things are going well. Until I find an apartment, I am living with Nicolas, the press operator, and his family. Nicolas' wife is Sabrina, and they have two kids: Noah (20 months) and Bérénice (2½ months). They are French, so speaking with them has helped my French language come back quickly.

I am finding my place back at the print shop. In my first two days at work, I made 14 plates for the inside pages of a book; and since then, I have made 18 more for tracts and book covers. When I make plates, it frees up Daniel to do other things. I have also helped collate approximately 6000 New Testaments.

God has blessed me with a car! Nicolas had a car that he wasn't driving, and he gave it to me. When it changes ownership, it needs to pass a thorough test for safety and emissions. Right now, it is in the service center to get work done so it will pass the tests. This could cost some or a lot of money.

I have 90% of my support. I am ok now; but to continue here for the full four years of my term, I will need to be at 100%. That means, I need another $240 a month to fill the gap.

Praise God:
- For the car Nicolas gave me.
- That my French has come back rather well.
- For all the literature that we have been able to produce.

Please pray:
- For the team here at BLF Europe—especially Françoise, our editor-in-chief, who is having trouble working.
- That my car would pass all the tests just fine and that it won't be difficult to get insurance.
- That all the machines and the press would work smoothly. When the machines don't work as they should, it really throws things off.
- For all of those on the receiving end of all of our tracks and books.

Nathan Phillips
Rue de Maubeuge 59164 Marpent, France