Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New French Resident card

Today I didn't do much again because of my ankle. I did do some reading eating and chatting. I also managed to do some laundry. Praise God I have my own washer. I also got a phone call from the office that said my new French resident card was ready. So after getting ready I hopped outside where it was 32°C (89°F). What is normally a 2 min walk was close to seven. I forgot one of the papers so I got the chance to make the trip twice on crutches. I got the card so I can continue to live and serve in France. Have you heard the song Every move I make that goes:

Every step I take I take in You
You are my way Jesus
Every breath I take I breathe in You

After asthma problems and a sprained ankle during the same two week stay I am realizing that all I do is through Christ my Lord.

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