Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mission Avesnois

I haven't blogged in a while but I found something fun to talk about. For my vacation I will be visiting all of the 151 towns in the area where I live.

I live in a very green area. Most of the towns where I live are in the regional park "Parc naturel regional de l'Avesnois". I also add that my area is unknown to most if not all tourist maps that look at France as a whole. There are many wonderful things to see here. I like finding things that aren't well known. Especially in the outdoors.

The first time I went exploring was on July 23rd an overcast / rainy Saturday. I went to Locquignol, Hecq, Preux au Bois, Robersart, Bousies, Fontaine au Bois, Landrecies, Maroilles, Noyelles sur Sambre, Leval, and Monceau Saint Waast. I will post photos of each town but for now here is my route.

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